Maine Student Veteran Alliance

Our Purpose:

Student Veterans are lifetime learners with limitless potential to add value to our communities, but too many are falling through the cracks. With community support, we believe that all student-veterans can excel in higher education, enhance their valuable skills, and secure meaningful employment that contributes to Maine’s economy.


Contributing to Maine’s Economy

Student Veterans bring the following advantages to employers and communities:

  • Work Ethic and Discipline

  • Leadership and Management Skills

  • Teamwork

  • Professionalism

  • Adaptation to Different Challenges


Our Programs

In our inaugural year, we plan to focus on providing scholarships to help Student Veterans in Maine complete their degrees. With your support, we will be able to grow our programming to include professional development, mentorship, and matching skilled veterans with internship and job openings in Maine.


Degree Completion Scholarships

Student Veterans face unique financial challenges, including running out of GI Bill benefits, an inconsistent Veterans Affairs payment schedule, and lack of benefits for non-honorably discharged Service Members. Your support allows us to provide Bridge Scholarships to help Service Members who run out of GI Bill benefits but are three classes short of graduating to complete their degrees.

Internships & Employment

Current internship opportunities do not take advantage of the unique training and leadership experience of Student Veterans. In the future, MSVA plans to match Student Veterans to paid internship opportunities, promote relevant job opportunities in Maine through our website and LinkedIn groups.

Professional development & Mentorship

With additional support, MSVA will be able to provide professional development opportunities, including financial planning, resume review, and degree planning. Recognizing that veterans are reluctant to ask for help, we plan to create a self-sustaining mentorship program.


MSVA was founded by Student Veterans who recognized that very few of the 33 higher education institutions in Maine provided adequate opportunities for Student Veterans to build relationships with community partners. We hope to supplement existing Veteran Service Officer’s resources and provide networking opportunities to all student veterans.


November 2018

We want to identify the gaps and fill them so that Student Veterans are finishing their degrees and giving back to the community.” - MSVA President Stephen White

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Get Involved

Despite the unique challenges facing many Student Veterans, they have higher average grade point averages and complete their degrees on par with traditional students. With your support, we can ensure these proven leaders complete their degrees, enter the Maine workforce, and give back to their communities. Email MSVA Executive Director Stephen White at if you’d like to help!


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Volunteer opportunities

Calling all Maine business and community leaders! We are looking for mentors to our Bridge Scholarship recipients.

Make a Donation

Give to our Bridge Scholarship program that supports student veterans who are within three classes of graduating. 100% of donations go to degree completion scholarships.